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Mum used to take me to museums, art galleries; theatre concerts and even to Covent Garden which is just as well since I doubt if I could afford to go now.

One of my greatest regrets is that I never did the same with my boys. I only remember taking them to the theatre once in Bristol (a pantomime?). This means that the limited amount "culture” they appreciate is as a result of their own efforts. When I mentioned that I was “doing” cultural things in London both made comments that made me wince.

On the up side however AJ did express strong views about the Tate Modern; As it happens this is almost next door to our hotel.

I used to go to the Tate at Millbank regularly before they split collection. I particularly liked the Modern Art collection especially the sculptures, the Dali's; the Manet's and the Kinetic/Optical exhibits. Whilst I liked the new gallery and found a lot of the newer exhibits stimulating (makes you think even if you don't like them) I was disappointed not to see more Dali’s and at the condition of 2 other pieces:

I also went to the National Gallery to look at the Dutch and English paintings. I know that Millbank has a better collection of Turners but where can you see good Dutch paintings outside of Holland; I have always found their subject matter is more interesting than the Italian paintings (with exception of Leonardo's drawings). |
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