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Queen Eleanor's Cross

London W1

There is an unmarked column in the Car Park outside Charing Cross station.It is a replica of Queen Eleanor's Cross of which there were originally twelve built in (1290’s) Mum believes that only three original ones remain. Including the one in Hardingstone, a village in Northamptonshire. We used to pass it every time we visited my gran (mum’s mum) and Hardingstone is where my grandfather (mum’s dad) comes from. Gran comes from Tenby in Wales.

Opposite Trafalger Square is the South African embassy (I demonstrated there against apartheid with 2 South African students when I was at Kings College: and for what its worth I also demonstrated against the Vietnam war outside the American embassy in Grosvenor Square)

When the London Time Out magazine was first published I was about 14 and it was a simple A5 8-10 page gigs B/W listing on non glossy paper. Duncan Campbell hadn’t even started get articles published in it let alone anything in national press. Through it and my first serious girl friend (now a grandmother) I was introduced to a hot gig in Litchfield street which did a mean coffee and spaghetti called Bunjies. The last time I went there was about 20 years ago and there was a little alcove where my initials were still scratched into the wall . (I had vandalized it in mid 60's. )Unfortunately it has all now gone.

Chinatown Segue

Becca looked for a restaurant that she had been to previously but it too was gone. We however bought a couple of coconut buns at a Chinese bun shop in Gerrard street. Transaction was executed in Cantonese and they were just like those from across the road (here in HK).

Foyles is more organized than I remember but we didn't look for any Psychology books not even on Narcissistic Personality Disorder;

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