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Ted Curley

The trigger for visiting UK was a wedding. I have known Edward (TED) Curley since we were 12/13 at Wanstead County High . He comes from Harolds Cross in Dublin via North Shields and Ilford.

He didn’t particularly like our school. When he transferred he didn’t have much choice in what he was going to study. On the up side we had a maths teacher that got us into folk music and we learnt to sail at Fairlop Lake

The love of his life (then) was an old Austin 12 (14?) which he and his family salvaged and did up: it had real running boards, leather seats and all sorts of neat gadgets. It was wicked.

I used to spend a lot of time around his place; His parents where a “great crack” totally unlike mine and his brothers were .... 'exotic’.

When I went to university Eddie did a year at Walthamstow to build up a portfolio and then went to Brighton Poly. Later he went to Manchester to get second degree and he refurbished a 2 Up in Bolton on a loan from the bank. Having established a successful track record on doing up properties he moved to London and repeated this with a basement flat in Holloway Road just down from the Woman’s prison. Around this time my first marriage fell apart and I ended up spending 3 months with him whilst I got my act together . . I was and am profoundly grateful for the support he gave me then.

I believe that I gave he profound insights into kitchen design. He once told me that if he designed a kitchen for me he would make use industrial fittings and that there was a pressure hose and/or steam jet for cleaning

After that he moved to Richmond and I eventually went to Australia and we lost touch. During this gap he got his sailing certificates; bought a boat; sailed single handedly across the Atlantic; worked in Caribbean for a couple of years; sailed back; (boat is in currently in Cobh , Ireland ); bought some land in Cyprus and moved to Dubai.

Periodically over the years I would do unsuccessful internet searches for him. Apparently he did the same. Last Christmas I got a hit, we exchanged abusive emails and one back and I discovered he was planning to wed. He had been by best man (twice) so there was no question of not coming.

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