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The Wedding

The reception was in West Malling, Kent. Proximity to southern region trains was a consideration when choosing where to stay in London;

We started the day with an English breakfast in a “greasy spoon” near the station.. When I ordered the “chef” looked us over, glanced at the tea mugs, and then looked us over again (we were dressed very formally), You could see him wrestling with a dilemma and after a perceptible pause he decided that the mugs could do with a clean. Actually if we had gone to an equivalent place in HK (a Dai Pai Dong ) I would have expected to be given some hot tea and a bowl to rinse utensils in .. but he didn't know that.

When we arrived in West Malling very early we decided to walk into village. Contrary to expectations (of cold wet April weather) it was sunny and hot We had a quick look around the village before going to the Restaurant and becca was shocked at house prices (although outside London, the New Territories, it was not). In the restaurant there were (real) Chinese prints and in one room, a large painting showing Hong Kong scenes with the Chinese words “Goodbye Hong Kong” - presumably referring to the 1997 “handover”

It was a bit of a shock seeing Edward and his family again.

We gave Maria a traditional Chinese Dragon and Phoenix bracelet; a traditional Chinese wedding present representing the emperor and empress (ie husband and wife) Same concept as in a Jewish or Greek wedding where couple are given money. Effectively the bride receives a lump of gold which can be cashed as needed. Not so much jewelry as bullion. I don't expect Maria will need to cash the bracelet in but it is a more interesting present than an electric toaster. We also gave Maria’s daughter, Grace a small piece of jade Very traditional to give a Chinese child a small piece of jade - supposed to have a calming effect. - didn't seem to have an immediate effect in this case.

Amongst the guests were people whom I had met in Brighton:

Becca found it very different from a Chinese wedding but most importantly she picked up that some of the other women were wearing black and/or trousers; ie reception was more informal that I had anticipated (I will not live this down)

We both wish the happy couple double good luck

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