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Fatty Pang

Not suprisingly Michael Howard is leaving the political stage ... I think his recent performance as "pretender to the throne" was just that .. a pretence which in Australia would be strongly characterised as that of a "wingeing pom" and after all the ozzies should know ....they have a Howard of their own.

Which brings us to the fascinating question of who will replace him as "der leader". Unfortuantely British politics currently has no "stars" and I include amongst the damp squibs the iconic Mr Blair. Cherrie may not be able to sing but if I had to choose between her and hubby...well....

I have no particular love for the Tory party but it strikes me that

CHRIS... it is debatable whether your country needs your party but it is not unreasonable to suggest that your party NEEDS YOU.

(This was for AJ)

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